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The Pulitzer Prize gold medal award 한국어: 퓰리처상 ...

The Pulitzer Prize gold medal award 한국어: 퓰리처상 공공 보도 부문 상인 금메달 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This blog launches a news organisation called Media Meditations. I have launched a media organisation because it seems to be the thing to do in the age of social media.

News organisations have appeared to fill the gap left by journalism’s slow disappearance. Today, partisan rhetoric often appears as news, while investigative journalism appears to serve the powerful rather than protects the weak. Can a new media organisation reverse this trend?

Over the next year, the organisation will publish 13 articles on media. If a particular event warrants it, then a special edition will be published. The format will be a meditation on some part of the media’s effect, its ethos, and its role in society. The focus will be on the new news organisations to consider whether their business models are viable and if viable, whether they will continue or transform journalism.

The propositions that animate media meditations are the following. Is journalism’s health related to the success, or failure, of investigative journalism? If investigative journalism now relies more on leaks than research, then can it recover its dependence on the powerful and the connected? If journalism has lost its voice as a champion of the weak, is it because it now appears to be a loudspeaker of the powerful or partisan interests? If journalism sets itself up to challenge and confront the government, how are we to judge its use of the public interest?

Each article will be 500 words.

If by December 2014, there are more than 50 subscribers or 10,000 views in the year, then it will continue for another year. If not, it stops.

If you are interested, please subscribe.


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  1. mark ogden says:

    I’ll subscribe

    • Mark,
      Thanks for the offer. The best way to subscribe to follow the blog is use the follow button.
      I have made it available so that non-wordpress users can follow the blog. It should appear in the upper right
      hand side of the blog.

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