The Murdoch Game of Thrones begins. Rebekah Brooks negotiates a return to News Corp

Rebekah Brooks appears to be negotiating a return to News Corp.[1]  She survived the phone hacking trial and displayed an unwavering loyalty to Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. We can see why Rupert Murdoch said that she was his number one priority. [2] Despite a lengthy trial with a number of witnesses that suggested she was involved in or aware of phone hacking, she was found not guilty. At no point did she betray the corporation or Mr. Murdoch.

Too toxic to return or just biding her time?

At the time, many might have thought, as I did, that she would be too toxic to return to the company. She had received a large payout and appeared to be spent force, which would prevent a return to the firm. In particular, as News International is a family firm, she would face specific resistance from other family members who believed she had created the problems that had beset the company.[3] The question was whether she wanted to return and whether the company would have her back. A women of her talent and ambition, it would seem is not willing to accept a quiet life in the countryside. Despite her protestations, this is what she had said she would do after the trial. Now, it seems that she is planning her return. The question is why?

Is it money, power, or fame that drives her return?

At first glance, some may say that money, or power, or ambition that drives her return. Money seems unlikely as she received a large payout (12 million pound). The lure of power cannot be dismissed, but it requires such a great sacrifice. Her ambition is well known, but she reached the pinnacle that she can reach alone. What I suggest about her return is a deeper reason, one that is central to the Murdoch Empire.

Who will take the Murdoch Throne

Mr. Murdoch needs a successor. His life in all ways has been devoted to the company. He wants it to succeed beyond his death as that would be a lasting legacy for the effort and sacrifices he made to create it. All founders a hunger for eternal fame.[4] Murdoch needs a successor to make sure his legacy. He needs someone who understands his methods and his motives. He succeeded by assiduously courting, and, if necessary, punishing political leaders and would be leaders. He served them so that they would serve him. His success requires access. What he needs is someone with Rebekah Brooks’ ability and ambition. She has an uncanny ability to find power, ingratiate it, and influence it for her purposes. She understands power; in particular she understands Murdoch’s power and the power of the Murdoch Empire.

Although her success is not guaranteed, her return does demonstrate her skills and her value to the company. Neither of which should be underestimated. She is returning to the Murdoch game of thrones.


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