Is it time for the Queen to abdicate?

Queen of United Kingdom (as well as Canada, Au...

Queen of United Kingdom (as well as Canada, Australia, and other Commonwealth realms) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the Head of State, she has an important role. Even though may believe it to be symbolic, she has a central constitutional role, which needs to be refreshed. Even though she plans to rule until her death , it is now readily apparent she is no longer capable of her role. As Head of State, she has failed. As Monarch, she has failed. She has failed to protect the weak and vulnerable. She needs to abdicate before her legacy is destroyed. Three reasons suggest that she should abdicate.

Has she brought justice to her people?
1. Her reign’s reputation has begun to slip. Even though she is personally well loved, her reign is marred by serious scandals and failures. The Human Rights Act and the Freedom of Information Act, linked to social media, reveal her reign’s abuse of power. The Crown has abused its power. In each scandal, the Crown has failed to deliver justice. Hillsborough, the Brixton Riots, the Daniel Morgan murder, the Expenses scandal, the undercover policing inquiry, and the deaths in custody reflect institutionalized abuse of power. The regime is not based in consent. The strong rule the weak Even though various governments have tried to change this systemic inequality, it remains. The Crown rules the people. The people do not rule the Crown. The strong rule the weak and equality is an aspiration not a reality.

The Inequality at the heart of the regime
2. The inequality within the regime is now explicit. In the past, people were less aware of the vast economic, social, and political inequality and its consequences. Social media reveals the inequality. The UK contains a systemic inequality between the rich and the poor regions that has not diminished nor narrowed during her reign. The United Kingdom is wealthier and more unequal. The UK now has six of the ten poorest areas in Northern Europe. With the two richest regions in the EU and the world, the gap is extraordinary. The inequality undermines the belief in a public good. The inequality shows the common good is only for the benefit of the powerful.

The Common Good has decayed, is it beyond repair?
3. The Crown has failed to protect the common good. The Goddard Inquiry will show the institutional abuse over her entire reign. The Crown failed to protect the weak and the vulnerable. The regime’s behaviour towards looked after children was horrific. The abuse of power and trust occurred over years and decades. Successive governments allowed powerful predators to be protected. The police failed in their role. These were her ministers, her governments, and her regime. The abuse of power haunts her reign. If she holds on to the end of the Goddard inquiry, it will only get worse. The crisis is across the Commonwealth. The Goddard Inquiry is only the latest of the abuse inquiries.

Can a new Monarch renew the Monarchy?
If she abdicates, then the new Monarch can renew the Crown. The United Kingdom has a chance to create a just and lasting constitutional settlement. Without it, the constitutional settlement will continue to reflect an abuse of power. She still has the opportunity to finish on her terms.


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