The Trump v Murdoch “feud” was as cynical as Hitler and Stalin non-aggression pact

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Rupert Murdoch – World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Trump embodies in a political candidate the ethos and actions that Rupert Murdoch has promoted through his tabloids. For those who believe that Fox News and Trump were at “war” they need to consider the benefits each gains from this appearance. Fox News generates ratings for any coverage for they seem to attack him. Trump gains attention for opposing Fox News.

Murdoch used Megyn Kelly privately as Trump did publicly.

One would like to believe that Fox News wants to protect Megyn Kelley. Yet, the business is so cynical that they can protect her even as they look to negotiate an interview with her tormentor for the ratings it will provide. Moreover, to take the potential sting out of anything that might be said, Rupert Murdoch endorsed Trump.

Worse, she cozied up to Trump at the very moment Rupert Murdoch decided Fox News will support the GOP front-runner. By lobbing softballs — or, as Times TV critic James Poniewozik described her questions, “airballs” — at Trump, Kelly came across like any other GOP cheerleader at the right-wing network.[1]

The “feud” was orchestrated by Rupert Murdoch who, it appears, ordered Kelly to attack Trump at the GOP debate.

In fact, according to one high-level Fox source, it was Murdoch himself who directed Kelly to hammer Trump during the debut GOP debate, in Cleveland, that sparked the feud in the first place. “Rupert told her to do that,” the source said.[2]

One can see the logic since the attack would generate attention. Kelly would be the focus. Fox News, and indirectly Murdoch, can appear to be defending Kelly and defending “hard hitting journalism”. In this, Kelly becomes another media pawn as she needs to play along to burnish her credentials. For her to sit down with her tormentor and help him shows the cynically abusive media world. One has to wonder what sort of person Rupert Murdoch is to encourage this and what sort of person Megyn Kelly is to accept it. One could say that the “feud” with Kelly allowed Trump, and Fox News to feed the media cycles that propelled Trump’s candidacy. All of this done with Murdoch, and Trump, knowing that they both benefit from a “feud” during the primaries rather than an alliance.**

Murdoch had Megyn Kelly fuel the Trump media machine.

With the primaries over, Murdoch gains since he can now be in a position to play kingmaker. He can attack Hillary and support Trump. When Trump wins, he can say “It was Fox wot won it”. If he loses, then he can gain market share as the leading opposition news platform acting as if he was a brave patron taking a principled stand to defend a lost cause. With Hillary safely ensconced in the White House, he gets another eight years of media revenue as Republican candidates line up to work at his media brothel.

If you want to see Trump’s media presidency look at the Megyn Kelly episode

Media and politics are cynical businesses with only one goal: make money. The tawdry abuse of Megyn Kelly by Murdoch and Trump shows us a deeply disturbed mind. In particular, it reveals that Murdoch and Trump seem to have the same view of Megyn Kelly except Murdoch hides it better.

**It is worth considering the relationships between the Trump family and the Murdoch family that would enable these contacts without Donald or Rupert ever meeting publicly or privately.




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