Will the next “Trump” unite all the dispossessed?

Trump has succeeded to a large extent because he appears to speak for those who feel dispossessed by the American political and economic systems. For the most part, though, that appeal has been limited to the White middle class. However, the American dispossessed are more than these voters who have reaped globalisation’s material benefits even as it takes away their jobs and prosperity. For these voters, they feel dispossessed for they have been convinced in large part that other groups have gained from the government at their expense. In this resentment Trump also appeals to the extreme groups such as white supremacists. However, the dispossessed are not only white Republicans, or white supremacists. Bernie Sanders has shown that there are dispossessed within the Democratic party who feel they too have been abandoned. These are voters who feel that the Democratic party has failed to protect them or promote their interests. To these voters, Trump to his credit has tried to reach out to these voters but his pitch was so tone deaf that it became counter-productive. The pitch, though, shows us a deeper problem for American politics that Trump reveals.

A crude appeal that shows the potential for the future.

When Trump tried to court the African American vote, especially within Democratic strongholds, it appeared as a crude, obvious tactic. For the residents of the Chicago’s West Side who face a bleak future such a candidate could have had an appeal. They live within a city renowned for decades of police and institutional brutality that segregates black crime areas from the white Gold Coast plutocratic wealth.[1] They are taken for granted by the Democrats.

Who will speak for the dispossessed?

The Chicago communities, and others in Democratic strongholds, are ignored by the Republicans. [2] In Chicago, the fate of the black population is bleak with no end in sight.[3] What young black men in Chicago have experienced for the past 60 years reflects what fuels America’s political discontent. What has changed though is that their fate is now shared by white Republicans. These Republicans now find themselves dependent upon the government when their party used to be one of self-government.

Trump though is a symptom of a deeper problem: an unending war

Without the open-ended war that started in 2001, it is unlikely Trump could have emerged let alone succeeded. The war has pulled America between its domestic commitment to equality and a foreign policy of freedom. In the shadow of this war America has become polarized and Trump has exploited the gaps between the two cities that are emerging. One is assured of wealth, privilege, and security, while the other lives with poverty, disadvantage, and fear. Trump has failed to harness this divide. The next Trump, though, will learn from his failures and his success. To prevent this America must heal its divisions and ends its war otherwise it may die from suicide.



[1] For a city like Chicago with several of the wealthiest families  in the America (if not the world) to have this degree of segregation, poverty, brutality is like something out of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables, Dickens Tale of Two Cities, or Hobbes Leviathan. Chicago is a city ruled by a tyrant in the guise of a mayor. It is literally a tale of two cities one rich, the other poor; one white, the other black.

On Chicago’s wealth consider: http://www.forbes.com/families/list/#tab:overall #7 Pritzker family 13 Billion #27 Crown family 8.8 Billion and #28 Reyes family 8.6 Billion and #46 Smith Family 6.3 Billion.

See also http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20150929/BLOGS03/150929825/14-of-the-400-wealthiest-americans-are-illinoisans-ken-griffin-leads

[2] See for example http://www.nationalreview.com/article/417599/lefts-burning-cities-david-french  and http://www.nationalreview.com/article/385518/who-lost-cities-kevin-d-williamson Yet, even the call to save the cities is faint in comparison to the thunder aimed at Trump. If the conservatives were fighting for the cities, would Trump have even emerged? http://www.nationalreview.com/republicans-must-save-cities

[3] http://www.issuelab.org/resource/lost_the_crisis_of_jobless_and_out_of_school_teens_and_young_adults_in_chicago_illinois_and_the_us


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