Who won Trump’s press conference? Rupert Murdoch

English: Rupert Murdoch at the Vanity Fair par...

English: Rupert Murdoch at the Vanity Fair party celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Tribeca Film Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the public recover from their first experience with a Trump presidential press conference, we can take stock of what has happened. For Trump supporters, this was a masterpiece. This is what they wanted. This is what they want. They want someone to insult the press. They want someone to tell the media to “shut up”. They have elected someone who will tell the press to “go fuck themselves” and they love it.

The powerful tell the weak what to do.

The public who voted for Trump have waited a long time for a man like Trump to stick up for them. That Mr Acosta is a Cuban-American is close enough to being a Mexican-American for the Trump supporters to walk a bit taller when Trump told him and CNN he was fake news. For once, Trump supporters can feel that they can do what they want they do not have to be told to behave. They can insult people and treat them like inferiors because no one is going to tell them that they are not superior. Their leader, the man who will make the world right, is now the President. He will tell the media to shut up and they will take it because that is how the world is supposed to work. The powerful tell the weak what to do.

Equality is what makes America weak.

What is clear is that equality is for wimps and losers. It was something that the weak and whiners used against strong Americans. Trump supporters are the strong Americans tired of being told they need to treat others as equals. They’re tired of being told that common decency means they can’t insult minorities, women, or the disabled. When they tell a minority, a woman, or a person with a disability to shut up and get out of their way, they will do it. They are now the powerful and no one will ever tell them again that they aren’t. There will be no apology tour.

When Trump speaks; you shut up or we will shut you up!

For Trump supporters, they have a President who will punch back. Who will not accept being called a racist by the press. Who will not accept being called a bully. He will punch back. They will punch back. He will tell the press to shut up. He will tell his critics to “Get out”. If you don’t like it get out of the way because the Trump Train will run you over. If you speak up, then his private security will eject you. If you are lucky, you will escape without a beating. Shut up when Trump is speaking or someone will shut you up.

Rupert Murdoch has a president.

Who benefits the most? Rupert Murdoch. Trump is the politician that Murdoch always wanted to be but couldn’t. Here is a man who embodies the resentment, the cynicism, mercenary’s callousness, and uncouthness that Murdoch has always promoted and enjoyed. With Trump telling CNN it is fake news, he has begun to repay Murdoch’s support. Murdoch has a President. Trump’s vision is his vision. Trump has a media bodyguard and the pact is sealed.


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