The injustice of Donald Trump revealed

Donald Trump is going to demonstrate how he negotiates, how he gets the big deals, how he gets his kicks. He is not clever. He is not smooth. He is not a great negotiator. Instead, he will brutalize the American public to get his way. This is how he works. This is how he has always worked.

He knows the people will suffer if ACA implodes and he does not care. He wants them to suffer so that he can win. This is why he was not bothered about negotiating. The “deal” of “my way or the highway” is not negotiating. It is an ultimatum. As with all of his marks, they have no choice.[1] If you are unfamiliar with this approach, you have not been paying attention to how he works or whom he works with in New York. His approach is what gangsters use. He has now turned the government into a protection racket.

The common definition of justice is rendering to a person what is their due. The challenge is to understand what a person is due. In most cases, it is easy to see. If you work, you are due to be paid. Donald Trump does not work that way. He decides what he wants to pay not what is owed or due. As a developer in New York, he has often withheld payment even though it was due. The other party had given him the work and he withheld the payment. He always claimed some reason such as it was for poor quality work, it was not what he agreed, or it was costing more than agreed. The reality, though, was that he was exploiting the other party. How did he do this?


Trump knows that under the law that if you take someone to court you cannot recover your legal fees. You can only recover what you are owed. Therefore, if you are owed twenty-thousand dollars but your legal fees are thirty-thousand you can only recover the twenty-thousand. Trump knows this law very well. It is called selling out your goodwill.[2] When he uses it, he does it on the small guy. The guy without a big legal team. A guy who is just getting by and needs the money. A guy that will settle for a lot less because he has to keep his business going. What Trump does is pick on the vulnerable and the weak. However, he is not alone in this. It is the preferred approach of Jared Kushner’s father.

A disciplined man who avoided the press, Kushner was no Trump. But he had Trumpian qualities, such as a tendency to withhold payment from venders like contractors, cleaners, and architects, forcing them to accept a fraction of their fee. The former Kushner Companies executive told me, “Every week we’d have meetings at Charlie’s house, and we’d go through the bills—the larger bills and corporate bills. And he’d sign them, or he’d say, ‘Offer them forty per cent.’ Or ‘Offer them fifty per cent.’ ” This was a cost-saving measure, not unheard of among developers. “It was, Why pay someone a hundred per cent when you could pay a lot less?” [3]

What America is going to experience is Donald Trump’s injustice. For the first time in American history, we have a president who will brutalize the American public. We have a president who does not care about the common good. A president who would see the public suffer to help his friends and help himself.

We have elected a tyrant.


[2] What is done is not illegal. It is only immoral. For Trump to do this to the poorest Americans, people who will die without their health coverage, this seems unconscionable. This is Donald Trump and he told us this is who he was and how he operates. It sounds like he is a good businessman until you are the one without health coverage or you can no longer afford health coverage because the new plan costs more.



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