Who leaked Susan Rice to Mike Cernovich and why?

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Mike Cernovich (hereafter MC) thinks he broke a big story. The reality is that he was used. He was used for a political purpose and rewarded for it. Kellyanne Conway did not tweet her endorsement because he did such a great job on 60 Minutes.[1] Instead, he has become a political tool. [2] He has no political base or political power except that which is given to him. When he is no longer useful, he will be discarded. He might make some money on it, but that is not a life of integrity or virtue.

We know that MC was given this story because he has no serious political connections within DC. He is not a DC insider. He does not have a DC background. He is neither a political operative nor a policy wonk. He is not affiliated with any politician. He may wish to claim that he is “connected” because he organised the DeploraBall, but that is a social event for third-rate fringe players to the campaign.

MC wants to go mainstream. He wants to be more than a paranoid tweeting about child trafficking codes in Wikileaks emails. He wants to be respectable. He wants to be a journalist. If you want to know his approach to working with partial evidence under time constraints, read the transcript. He relies on a radical scepticism, and a demand for complete proof,  for political arguments which he would never tolerate in his own life.[3] He has begun to brand himself as a journalist. He now describes his platform as Cernovich Media. Did he start doing this to provide legal standing when he faces charges for unauthorised access to classified material?

He is not the future of the media. He is not an investigative journalist. He scrapes the internet for stories. He did not break this story. He was given the story. The question is by whom and why?

Was he given the story because the Trump White House is running out of reliable sources to plant stories? A real journalist would start to ask why they were being given this story and who was given it to them before deciding to publish it. Trump did not tweet on 4 March 2017 because of Susan Rice. If she was, then why did Andrew Napolitano make a fool of Rupert Murdoch by claiming it was the GCHQ?[4] His claim reignited Murdoch’s links to the UK phone hacking scandal and the growing US legal problems. The US legal problems include allegations of unlawful surveillance of those who are suing his company.[5]

One thing is clear. The Trump White House has selected and rewarded MC. If he was a journalist, he would want to know why he was chosen and whose agenda he serves because this is not his story and not his agenda.

[1] https://mediameditations.wordpress.com/2017/03/28/cernovichs-60-minutes-interview-train-wreck/

[2] Similar political tools are Milo Yiannopolous and Richard Spencer. For more on them see https://lawrenceserewicz.wordpress.com/2017/03/14/milo-nihilism-and-conservatisms-decayed-soul-revised/

[3] He claimed that Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s Disease. When Clinton’s personal physician said she was suffering from pneumonia, he insisted that Clinton should undergo an independent medical examination. He justified this level of scrutiny because at some future point Donald Trump will not be given the benefit of the doubt. Yes, that is correct. Because Donald Trump in the future will be denied the benefit of the doubt, MC was justified in claiming Hillary Clinton had Parkinson’s disease and dismissing the medical diagnosis from Hillary Clinton’s personal physician. Whenever evidence was provided to justify the pneumonia diagnosis and dispel the Parkinson’s Disease claim, he demanded more evidence to disprove the negative. (Disproving the negative ie prove that you are not insane, is not the basis for sound or good journalism. It is not even journalism. It is something else.)

When MC flies on an airplane, does he demand to see the pilot’s licence? Does he demand that the pilot, after showing his licence, undergo an independent exam to demonstrate his flying credentials? No. When he eats at a restaurant does he demand that the cook prove that he is not going to poison him? No. Normal life is one where we work with trust and limited information no one has complete information because life is based on scarcity, of time, information, and focus.

[4] https://mediameditations.wordpress.com/2017/03/27/did-napolitano-mean-that-gchq-works-like-southern-investigations/

[5] http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/02/16/515509093/lawyer-alleges-fox-news-is-under-federal-investigation-related-to-sexual-harassm


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