Floyd Mayweather is the Lance Armstrong of Boxing.

Both cheated their sports. Armstrong knows he did not win seven Tour de France Yellow Jerseys. He knows he cheated the sport and himself. He is not the best cyclist. Without the drugs and the team, he was a good rider, nothing more.

Mayweather cheated boxing because he never fought the best at their best. He avoided fights or chose opponents knowing they were past their prime or simply vulnerable to his strengths. He never had a Hagler vs Hearns fight. He never faced a Ray Mancini vs Duk Koo Kim moment of fight or die. He never competed against the best at their best like Ali, Foreman and Frazier did. At least Larry Holmes had the warrior’s ethos to face Mike Tyson.

Mayweather chose his fights, he chose his opponents to ensure he always had the advantage. He beat an overmatched Hatton and beat a past his prime Pacquiao in much the same way that Oscar de la Hoya only fought Julio Cesar Chavez past his prime. When he fought McGregor, who had never boxed professionally, it was more bullfighting than boxing. Sure, the bull occasionally wins to keep it interesting, but the outcome is rarely in doubt.

With McGregor, he found a willing boxing prostitute. The guy who shows up to get fxxxed and get paid for it. In this the UFC and MMA were pimped out by Dana White. Why else release a deceptively short video clip that shows McGregor dominating Malignaggi during sparring? If you are a MMA fighter, this is your likely fate. Is this a warrior’s fate?

Mayweather carried McGregor to the 10th round so that the public would not feel ripped off by the fight. He knew that McGregor had never fought beyond the equivalent of the seventh round. (MMA fights are a maximum of five rounds at five minutes per round with one minute rest in-between rounds.) McGregor played his part and punched himself out. A experienced fighter, knowing he was up on the rounds, would have coasted and won the fight or at least forced Mayweather to attack in desperation. McGregor who was rookie lacked the basic skill set to accomplish this feat.

After this fight, I don’t know which is worse—Mayweather thinking he is a 50-0 fighter or McGregor for letting himself be prostituted, how does either man live with himself? I am certain that Lance Armstrong will be able to tell them.

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