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An American living and working in the UK trying to understand the American idea and explain it to others. The views in this blog are my own for better or worse.

Why Trump is Machiavelli’s marshmallow and Putin is Machiavelli’s Prince.

At the Helsinki summit, critics have described Trump as weak. They have noted his body language, his behaviour, and his posture to argue Trump looked soft, weak, and outclassed by Putin who looked, solid, strong, and in control. Trump’s defenders … Continue reading

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Why Jim Jordan must deny he knew anything about the sexual abuse.

Jim Jordan has put himself into an invidious position. He denied any knowledge of the sexual abuse allegations by Dr Strauss. In the past, his denial seemed to keep the issue at bay. He did not remember the past the … Continue reading

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Daniel Morgan Inquiry and the million-page dodge [updated]

The Daniel Morgan Independent Panel report is delayed again.[1] It began in May 2013 with the claim it would report in 12 months. Within that first year, the original chair resigned[2] and one of the panel members did not take … Continue reading

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The Trump leak saga continues

Axios published a story that recounts the president meeting with his communications staff after the inappropriate McCain comments were leaked.[1] At the meeting, his staff accused each other of being a leaker and the story leaked.[2] None of this is … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the “Internet Apologizes”

These reflections are a response to this article: Once again, we find technologist evangelists waking up to good and evil. Yet, none have returned what they have gained from touting their utopian vision. The great and the good prided … Continue reading

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Trump: A man they did not fully understand.

Why do Christian Evangelicals support Donald Trump? Some people argue it is transactional; he delivers what they want. Others see him as figure of America political theology. He will connect political power and theological transcendence. avatar. An alternative view is … Continue reading

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Pornhub: You are the product.

“Our program boasts some of the highest payouts across the entire industry, paying out approximately 90% of the ad-revenue earned. Many of our models use Pornhub not only to make ad revenue but also promote their subscription websites, paid snapchats, … Continue reading

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If it is time to let Trump be Trump, who will he blame when it goes wrong?

Trump claims he will become the president he wanted to be but others denied him. His claim shows his uncertainty and inexperience. Instead of an answer that reassures us, it provokes more questions. First, if Trump was unable to assert … Continue reading

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Would Ivanka date her father?

We know that Donald Trump said he would date Ivanka if she was not his daughter[1]. What we do not know, as no one has asked Ivanka, is whether she would date her father if he was not her father? … Continue reading

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Saint Trump and Saturday Night Live

When Saturday Night Live (hereafter SNL) lampoons someone they exaggerate the gap between the person’s reputation and reality to reveal their identity. In this approach, SNL exaggerate some trait to show the person as ridiculous. For Trump, this does not … Continue reading

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