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Trump: A man they did not fully understand.

Why do Christian Evangelicals support Donald Trump? Some people argue it is transactional; he delivers what they want. Others see him as figure of America political theology. He will connect political power and theological transcendence. avatar. An alternative view is … Continue reading

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Saint Trump and Saturday Night Live

When Saturday Night Live (hereafter SNL) lampoons someone they exaggerate the gap between the person’s reputation and reality to reveal their identity. In this approach, SNL exaggerate some trait to show the person as ridiculous. For Trump, this does not … Continue reading

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Michael Cohen and how lawyers protect their clients from the press with faulty logic

For some reason the press ask Trump’s personal lawyer questions about Trump’s behaviour. It is as if they expect him to admit to what they are asking. Mr Cohen has been successful for the reason he can deny and has … Continue reading

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Kellyanne Conway, Anderson Cooper and journalism’s dearth of critical thinking

Embed from Getty Images During a recent interview, to defend President Trump’s firing of FBI Director Comey, Kellyanne Conway demonstrated the death of critical thinking. What is surprising, though, is how the journalist, Anderson Cooper, failed to discuss it. Before … Continue reading

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Did Mike Cernovich lie to 60 Minutes?

Recently, Mike Cernovich has had a lot of media exposure. A couple of weeks ago, he was featured on a 60 Minutes segment about Fake News.[1] Earlier this week, he claimed he published a scoop about Susan Rice, who was … Continue reading

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Who leaked Susan Rice to Mike Cernovich and why?

Mike Cernovich (hereafter MC) thinks he broke a big story. The reality is that he was used. He was used for a political purpose and rewarded for it. Kellyanne Conway did not tweet her endorsement because he did such a … Continue reading

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Cernovich’s 60 Minutes interview train wreck

Mr Cernovich (hereafter MC) believes his 60 Minutes interview[1] was a success. His supporters[2] and some commentators support that view.[3] Mainstream Media is scared. A different view emerges when we look at in three stages: Before, During, and After. Before … Continue reading

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How the Alt-Right is using the Pepe Symbol to undermine the media

If you have been watching social media during the presidential campaign, you will have seen the Pepe meme. Pepe is a cartoon green frog was initially created to signal a desire to relax or chill.[1] During the election, it was … Continue reading

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If Trump is a media whore, is Rupert Murdoch his media pimp?

Trump has been described as a “media whore”.[1] He seeks publicity, good or bad, to retain his status as a public celebrity. He wants publicity to be a celebrity. He knows the public defer to celebrity status more than moral … Continue reading

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The day Teflon Don emerged

Today, Trump had a disastrous press conference. By all accounts it appeared Trump bombed. Some comments compare him to Nixon as he crumbled under Watergate. For others, he sounded confused, discombobulated, and incoherent. All of this is true and it … Continue reading

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