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Pornhub: You are the product.

“Our program boasts some of the highest payouts across the entire industry, paying out approximately 90% of the ad-revenue earned. Many of our models use Pornhub not only to make ad revenue but also promote their subscription websites, paid snapchats, … Continue reading

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Journalists Wrestling Trump for the truth (a new post)

Dear Readers, If you are interested, I have published Journalists wrestling Trump for the truth: Fake News and a Post-Truth society? on another of my blogs. You can find it at Philosophical Politics (here). In that essay, I look at … Continue reading

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Who leaked Susan Rice to Mike Cernovich and why?

Mike Cernovich (hereafter MC) thinks he broke a big story. The reality is that he was used. He was used for a political purpose and rewarded for it. Kellyanne Conway did not tweet her endorsement because he did such a … Continue reading

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Ivanka, America and Trump’s incest comments

One person who has not spoken publicly about Donald Trump’s comments about Ivanka is Ivanka. She may have responded privately or by inference, yet we do not know what she thinks.[1] We know that Ivanka is close to her father. … Continue reading

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Brexit and the damage done**

Article 50 is the next step except UK *still* wants to bluff The UK has decided. It has voted to leave the EU. The next step to leave the EU is to make an Article 50 application.[1] This is now … Continue reading

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It is time for Clinton to unleash the Rope a Dope against Trump

There is an old saying that generals always fight the last war. Clinton’s attacks on Trump appear to be the same lesson. Clinton’s attacks on Trump have not worked. Despite the obvious fact that 15 Republican candidates could not stop … Continue reading

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Is Nasty, Brutish, and Short the Brexit team of Farage, Johnson, and Galloway?

Who would have thought that Thomas Hobbes, perhaps the UK’s greatest political philosopher, could predict what we can expect with Brexit? He famously described life before a commonwealth as a state of nature which men want to escape. His description … Continue reading

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January Break

Dear Subscribers, Thank you for following this blog in 2015. I hope you had a good year for 2015 and I wish you an even more successful 2016. I will take a break from this blog until February. I will … Continue reading

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Political journalist or government fluffer?

In the pornography industry, there is a specific role called a “fluffer”.[1] The fluffer’s job is to keep the male performer tumescent while the scene is set or changed. A fluffer does not always touch the actor although in some … Continue reading

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DIGITAL DAY: 12 things to make your #ourday or #housingday go well

Originally posted on Dan Slee:
So, there we were 10 minutes before 6am at the start of #walsall24 and still not sure if it would work. What was this? We were using Twitter to tell people a snapshot of all…

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