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If it is time to let Trump be Trump, who will he blame when it goes wrong?

Trump claims he will become the president he wanted to be but others denied him. His claim shows his uncertainty and inexperience. Instead of an answer that reassures us, it provokes more questions. First, if Trump was unable to assert … Continue reading

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Trump threatens US reporters to make them obedient

For I know that some human beings are like horses—the more they get what they want, the more unruly they are apt to become. The way to manage men like that is to put the fear of the bodyguard into … Continue reading

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Publicity masks the illegitimacy of UK policing

One of the oldest UK political myths is policing by consent. We are told often, and especially from our political leaders, that the UK police by consent. The term derives from Robert Peel’s nine Principles of Policing. [1] Police reality … Continue reading

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