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What is treason of the deep state?

Bannon and indirectly Trump believe that they are being betrayed by the “deep state” which appears to be defined as the bureaucrats and the bureaucracy that they inherited. In particular, those individuals who served the Obama administration and appear loyal … Continue reading

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Is Donald Trump the American Kurtz?

In the classic book, Heart of Darkness, which inspired the film Apocalypse Now[1], Joseph Conrad tells the story of Charles Marlowe who has been sent to Africa by an unnamed company to find one of its agents—Kurtz. Kurtz went deep … Continue reading

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The naivety of Edward Snowden?

In a previous New York Times article, Hasty Exit Started With Pizza Inside a Hong Kong Hideout, this Edward Snowden statement caught my attention.[1] Mr. Snowden said little until they had arrived at a home, where he took Mr. Man … Continue reading

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How the NSA is fighting to win the PR War

When the Snowden revelations were at their peak, I said that the NSA had lost the PR battle.[1] I concluded with Joe Stillwell’s message that they needed to find out what went wrong, fix it and take back the initiative. … Continue reading

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