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If Trump is a media whore, is Rupert Murdoch his media pimp?

Trump has been described as a “media whore”.[1] He seeks publicity, good or bad, to retain his status as a public celebrity. He wants publicity to be a celebrity. He knows the public defer to celebrity status more than moral … Continue reading

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Why Theresa May will fail

Theresa May faces an impossible task, a task that all statesmen want to avoid for it is the highest difficulty. She has to reconcile a divided people to a new path, a path that offers doubtful rewards and uncertain chances … Continue reading

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The EU Referendum, Article 50 and the pious fraud of UK democracy

On 23 June, after a hotly contested, surly, and at times violent campaign, the UK voted to Leave the EU. The vote was clear 52% of the votes, based on 72% turnout, voted to leave. When the Referendum was announced … Continue reading

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Brexit and the damage done**

Article 50 is the next step except UK *still* wants to bluff The UK has decided. It has voted to leave the EU. The next step to leave the EU is to make an Article 50 application.[1] This is now … Continue reading

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Rupert Murdoch’s Last Hurrah

Recently, Rupert Murdoch held a Christmas party to celebrate his return to the UK political scene.[1] Commentators noted that half of the UK Cabinet was present. For many observers the event marked a triumph for Murdoch. After the bad publicity … Continue reading

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Murdoch as the Prime Minister’s media bodyguard

For I know that some human beings are like horses—the more they get what they want, the more unruly they are apt to become. [3] The way to manage men like that is to put the fear of the bodyguard … Continue reading

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Publicity masks the illegitimacy of UK policing

One of the oldest UK political myths is policing by consent. We are told often, and especially from our political leaders, that the UK police by consent. The term derives from Robert Peel’s nine Principles of Policing. [1] Police reality … Continue reading

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Time for the UK media to provide a Miranda warning

In the United States, when the police arrest a suspect, they have to read them the Miranda Warning. “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. … Continue reading

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Media bias and the the death of UK democracy

In the United Kingdom, there is a spending cap for general elections. The cap means, the media have a greater role. The General Election 2015 revealed the intensity of that role. Unlike previous elections, the media displayed its support for … Continue reading

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Ten lessons I take from General Election 2015.

The General Election is over. Here is my first attempt to analyse the results and learn its lessons. First, Twitter did not determine the election. Votes, not Tweets, matter. The demographic categories, the OAP vote, are not online or using … Continue reading

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