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Who won Trump’s press conference? Rupert Murdoch

As the public recover from their first experience with a Trump presidential press conference, we can take stock of what has happened. For Trump supporters, this was a masterpiece. This is what they wanted. This is what they want. They … Continue reading

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Murdoch, Fox News and the digital demographic cancer

For many observers, Rupert Murdoch escaped the UK phone hacking scandal in good shape. He split his empire between television entertainment from his newspaper and publishing.[1] The split appeared to improve both companies and increased profits. Yet, a cancer was … Continue reading

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The Trump v Murdoch “feud” was as cynical as Hitler and Stalin non-aggression pact

Trump embodies in a political candidate the ethos and actions that Rupert Murdoch has promoted through his tabloids. For those who believe that Fox News and Trump were at “war” they need to consider the benefits each gains from this … Continue reading

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Without trust what is a newspaper?

Even though News Corp has survived the hacking scandals, a deeper cancer has emerged. How it deals with this cancer will determine whether it can succeed without Rupert Murdoch. He forged his empire based on an implicit contract with his … Continue reading

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