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Why Trump likes Chicago: it fits his world view

Trump likes Chicago because it fits his world view. Chicago is a city of two halves one poor and the other wealthy. As the wealthy do not have to endure, the City’s corrupt politics, it never changes. In a city … Continue reading

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Ivanka, America and Trump’s incest comments

One person who has not spoken publicly about Donald Trump’s comments about Ivanka is Ivanka. She may have responded privately or by inference, yet we do not know what she thinks.[1] We know that Ivanka is close to her father. … Continue reading

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How an empire ends: the death throes of the Murdoch dynasty

Despite Michael Wolff’s attempt to portray Murdoch’s empire as healthy and vibrant[1], he has failed. He papers over the empire’s flaws. Instead, the empire has a structural weakness: Rupert Murdoch. The phone hacking scandal forced him to split his empire.[2] … Continue reading

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The Mayor vs the NYPD: the public battle for NYC’s future.

Therapists often say that the presenting problem is not the real issue. The surface is a symptom of the deeper issue. When the police turned their back on the mayor at Officer Ramos’s funeral, they expressed their dislike for him … Continue reading

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