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Rupert Murdoch’s Last Hurrah

Recently, Rupert Murdoch held a Christmas party to celebrate his return to the UK political scene.[1] Commentators noted that half of the UK Cabinet was present. For many observers the event marked a triumph for Murdoch. After the bad publicity … Continue reading

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Andrew Mitchell’s bureaucratic lesson

Andrew Mitchell lost his libel case.[1] The court decided that on the balance of probabilities what PC Toby Rowland wrote down was what Andrew Mitchell said. Andrew Mitchell has learned a bureaucratic lesson: What is written down is what happened. … Continue reading

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The Murdoch Game of Thrones begins. Rebekah Brooks negotiates a return to News Corp

Rebekah Brooks appears to be negotiating a return to News Corp.[1]  She survived the phone hacking trial and displayed an unwavering loyalty to Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. We can see why Rupert Murdoch said that she was his number … Continue reading

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When does an investigative journalist become an accomplice?

Investigative journalism faces an existential crisis because of social media. In some areas, it relies more on leaks or disgruntled employees to provide evidence than a traditional research to investigate a topic. When investigative journalism relies more on leaks than … Continue reading

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 The new establishment: Leveson, hacking and the public voice

Before the Leveson inquiry, the public face of the establishment had three interconnected parts: the press, the police, and the politicians. They had a complicated relationship. Each reinforced the other’s power even as they sought to exploit the relationship. However, … Continue reading

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