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Why Trump likes Chicago: it fits his world view

Trump likes Chicago because it fits his world view. Chicago is a city of two halves one poor and the other wealthy. As the wealthy do not have to endure, the City’s corrupt politics, it never changes. In a city … Continue reading

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Hillsborough, the media, and the lie to get us to forget.

The fact is known. The police unlawfully killed 96 people. For 27 years the police, the government, and certain segments of the press denied this fact. They are wrong. Are they sorry? The police mishandled their response to the verdicts. … Continue reading

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Rahm Emanuel and the Pritzker Political Test

In recent years, Chicago politics has been revealed to be corrupt beyond imagination. In the past, the public might have turned a blind eye as the corruption simply appeared to be financial or political. As long as the public was … Continue reading

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Publicity masks the illegitimacy of UK policing

One of the oldest UK political myths is policing by consent. We are told often, and especially from our political leaders, that the UK police by consent. The term derives from Robert Peel’s nine Principles of Policing. [1] Police reality … Continue reading

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The Nick: Are the police honest with themselves?

On 2 September 2015, the show The Nick was broadcast on ITV1 channel.[1] It covered policing in Sussex. Like the 24hrs in Police Custody and other programmes or The Met, it offered a behind the scenes look day-to-day UK policing. … Continue reading

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Is the UK politics decided by a praetorian guard of police and press?

The press, politicians and the police are often considered guardians of the public interest. In Operation Alice[1] report, though, we see how that role became perverted. We find that officers leaked information to the press to force a minister to … Continue reading

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