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Rupert Murdoch’s Last Hurrah

Recently, Rupert Murdoch held a Christmas party to celebrate his return to the UK political scene.[1] Commentators noted that half of the UK Cabinet was present. For many observers the event marked a triumph for Murdoch. After the bad publicity … Continue reading

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Rebekah Brooks’s return: a poisoned chalice or a burning throne?

Some commentators view Rebekah Brooks’ return as CEO of News UK as a success.[1] She has returned from New York, where she had moved after her acquittal of phone hacking charges. In New York, she worked on digital opportunities as … Continue reading

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Unasked questions about national security and phone hacking

Since the Leveson Inquiry and the Phone Hacking trial, a number of unasked and unanswered questions have emerged. These questions are around phone hacking and national security. Peter Clarke became involved because the phone hacking had compromised the Royal Family … Continue reading

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The Murdoch Game of Thrones begins. Rebekah Brooks negotiates a return to News Corp

Rebekah Brooks appears to be negotiating a return to News Corp.[1]  She survived the phone hacking trial and displayed an unwavering loyalty to Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. We can see why Rupert Murdoch said that she was his number … Continue reading

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Tony Blair’s excellent advice

Tony Blair has given us a great insight into his success as a politician and a public figure. If we look beyond the propriety of his advice and Mrs Brooks motive in recording it, we will see its value. Tony … Continue reading

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