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Did Napolitano mean that GCHQ works like Southern Investigations?

When Andrew Napolitano spoke on Fox News, he tried to support Trump’s claim that Obama wiretapped Donald Trump[1] even though no one could find evidence for it.[2] He said that his sources told him no one would find evidence because … Continue reading

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Why Theresa May will fail

Theresa May faces an impossible task, a task that all statesmen want to avoid for it is the highest difficulty. She has to reconcile a divided people to a new path, a path that offers doubtful rewards and uncertain chances … Continue reading

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Theresa May: Booted and spurred to ride roughshod over our rights

Theresa May is the United Kingdom’s latest Prime Minister. As only the second female PM, she is a historical figure. She is noted for, and proud of, her footwear which have become her trademark. She has good taste in shoes … Continue reading

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