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Trump or America: crisis management as reputation management

As the White House reels from another Trump Twitter Tantrum™, we see how it might handle a crisis. The tantrums and related scandals are the practice runs for when a true crisis emerges. What we find, though, from these events … Continue reading

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The injustice of Donald Trump revealed

Donald Trump is going to demonstrate how he negotiates, how he gets the big deals, how he gets his kicks. He is not clever. He is not smooth. He is not a great negotiator. Instead, he will brutalize the American … Continue reading

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What is treason of the deep state?

Bannon and indirectly Trump believe that they are being betrayed by the “deep state” which appears to be defined as the bureaucrats and the bureaucracy that they inherited. In particular, those individuals who served the Obama administration and appear loyal … Continue reading

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The Trump v Murdoch “feud” was as cynical as Hitler and Stalin non-aggression pact

Trump embodies in a political candidate the ethos and actions that Rupert Murdoch has promoted through his tabloids. For those who believe that Fox News and Trump were at “war” they need to consider the benefits each gains from this … Continue reading

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